Hatikvah For Secular Jews

There is only one place to get accurate information on Wars involving M.E. Nations: that is the Holy Bible, mainly the Tanakh;
 [Quoted in purple italic as a mark of respect.]
It mainly gives specific details for God's chosen People: ISRAEL!

This is not to say that other wars are not important to those involved, and certainly as Daniel wrote, "war will continue until the End, and desolations
[as described in Revelation] have been decreed".
For a detailed study on "WAR IN THE BIBLE" please see here.



BECAUSE: along with other loving Plans in God's heart, is His longing to make Israel into the most glorious, successful, happy and HOLY Nation to represent HIM on Earth!

1. FIRST: God gave special, ancient Instructions to TEST Israel, entering the 'Promised Land'. He wanted to prove His own loving power to purify the Land, though them trusting in His help.
> So very Early in Israel's contact with the extremely cruel and evil people of the Land of Canaan, God did give very awful instructions to the Israelite Armies, (with some hope for those who surrended), but more definitive for those who wanted war. Read Deuteronomy 20. YET we need to remember it was after 400 years of God's patience with those nations, as He told Abraham (in a prophetic dream) that He would use His people to destroy them. Gen. 15: 12 - 14

2. LATER wars were to TEACH Israel:
success would ONLY have God's help, by true obedience to Him. Throughout many years, first under Joshua, then the Judges, and eventually the Kings of Israel and Judah, there were very many wars recorded in the Tanakh, from the book of Joshua, to 2 Chronicles. Some were successful, many were not.

3. ALSO: God wanted to use Israel as Holy Warriors, and with His help and on His behalf, to cleanse the Land from cruel and evil practices, so Israel would not be tempted to join or copy them. Sadly they did both - by not obeying God!

4. THIS MEANT: that because Israel's God is Holy - He must keep His Word! Therefore ~ God allowed Israel to suffer the consequences of THEIR CHOICE TO GO AHEAD AND DELIBERATELY DISOBEY GOD'S CLEAR COMMANDS!

AFTER hundreds of years of sorrowful Prophecies, from Isaiah to Malachi, Israel's rejection ~ as a Nation ~ of Yeshua, God's holy Son and Israel's prophesied Saviour and Messiah, ~ brought an absolutely tragic fulfillment of a second Exile as God's punishment. It was hastened by trying to take over the rulership of the Land by their own efforts without God's help, to replace Roman Rule in 66 - 70 AD/ Common Era ~ resulting in the 'Diaspora'. It has lasted almost 2,000 years, until the re-establishment of Modern Israel. This 'Diaspora' was clearly prophesied by the Prophet Zechariah, in chapter 13: 8 & 9.
"'In the whole Land', declares the LORD, two-thirds will be struck down and perish: yet one-third will be left in it...

This third I will bring into the fire, I will refine them like silver...and gold.
Ch 14: 2 gives other results, including: "Half the city will go into exile."
Please note: this happened AD 66 - 70 and will not happen again!


A. SO ~ IN THE 21ST CENTURY WILL ISRAEL [ALONE] BE INVOLVED IN WAR AGAIN? Probably only 2 more, by our careful studies.

1. All war is evil, but as we have shown in the examples above, GOD can use wars for good purposes. He still has good purposes for Israel now.
> This will be the specific reason for the next 2 wars, for Israel,
(referred to above). However we explain the details of them or the specific reasons here.
 [Link to: 'Iran ~Israel~ Egypt...' also 'Gog and Magog, what do they mean?' They are written about Israel from a Christian perspective, though true to God's Word.]
> Israel's attitude to war is clear to see ~ by those who want to see - truth.
Modern Israel would prefer to solve differences by negotiations, or if forced into a war, to use all methods possible to spare innocent Civilians in war zones. This was shown in the Gaza war of 2009 and in 2012.
"Mercy in the midst of the judgement of war" is a principle respected in a few parts of the Western world. Therefore, especially since the rise of 'Humanism' and the so called 'Age of enlightenment' from about the mid 1800's with the spread of people to new areas of the world and modern means of Travel and communications, and the formation of the U.N.O, concepts of more 'merciful' rules of warfare and attitudes to war generally, started to emerge, in some places. Therefore there are number of 'prohibitions' about use of certain types of weapons, and the placing of land mines, and so on. Islam has no use for these!

>> However circumstances have to be faced realistically especially in war situations. This leads to the next principle.

2. So ADONAI was preparing the concept of a New Covenant, which would make Israel ~ "His Holy People" ~ so that would ensure Israel of Victory, and peace, instead of the constant threat of war! " 'In those days and at that time,' declares ADONAI, 'search will be made for Israel's guilt, but there will be none, and for the sins of Judah ~ but none will be found, for I will forgive the Remnant I spare'." Jerem. 50: 20.They will all come to God ~ His way!

> This reminds us that Isra'el's God has Spiritual plans to bless His people.
This would mean victory, peace and security. ~ It would be conditional on Israel's true relationship with a Holy God, through Yeshua/Jesus, His Son. These conditions are spelt out so lovingly in Isaiah chapters 48 & 49. Was God weeping when He summed it up in verse 17 – 19? This is what the LORD says – your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: ‘I AM the LORD your God, Who teaches you what is best for you, Who directs you in the way you should go. If only you had paid attention to My commands, your peace would have been like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea. Your descendants would have been like the sand, your children like its numberless grains; their name would never be cut off, [in war] nor destroyed before Me’.”
One Day, in a few years, they will all pay attention, and turn in faith to their God!

This is still the way ADONAI feels about today's Jews ~ not only in Israel!


~ In the light of Scriptures ~

> All of the wars Israel has been required to fight since their existence as a re-established Nation in their own Land, in 1948, have truly been examples of God assisted wars! We will not explain more, as whole books have been written about this. The best remembered wars were all seen as almost impossible odds.
Yet discerning people who love God and love Israel, call these ‘miracles’ that showed the impossible ‘odds’ yet God helped Israel to win them!

> In each of the 6 main wars, fought since 1948, in ’56, ’67, ’73, '78 and  ’82, in Lebanon, then the weird ‘Intefada' s’ - first '87 -'93, then 2000 - '05 - terrorist attacks in Israel, the costs were great, in resources, man-power, and victims!

> The fact is, that legally - Israel won all of these wars,
though this is not accepted by other nations. While each war represented much anti-Israel and anti-God activities of Satan, God used them in different ways. *
* Several times they were able to gain more territory - even the whole of the City of Jerusalem in 1967, making it possible to declare it to be “The eternal, indivisible, Capital City of Israel.”
* Great lessons were learned too. The IDF [Israel Defence Force] is one of the best trained, equipped and principled worldwide!
* [It is worth noting that when there is a natural Disaster anywhere in the world, including Muslim Nations, (Turkey in 2011) or far away, (e.g. Haiti) Israel is often the first to help!]

> Welding Israel into one Nation. *
The potential threat of war, also has meant that every young person, male and female, (with some exceptions for religious students) were required to train in the Israeli Defence Force, [IDF], bringing the nation together in a disciplined way, inspite of coming from over 120 different countries. It means that the IDF is always in a state of war-readiness, which has been crucial each time they were attacked, usually giving little time to prepare.

> Even since the year 2000, Israel was brought into short wars, twice.
In mid-year 2006 Israel found herself involved in a seventh war, which again, we must believe, was allowed by The Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel for a reason. We believe ‘The Israel – Gaza - Lebanon War’, then the 2 'Gaza wars' in 2009 and 2012 were, sadly ones of "unfinished business" as Israel continued to be the target of hundreds of missiles from Gaza, throughout 2009 - 2012! The presence of USA security on the borders of Sinai [with Egypt's O.K.] is a 'KEY'.


These will prepare for God’s next piece of His Plan on Israel’s behalf!

>> First, NOTE: Israel must have a time of feeling secure and at peace, in their own Land, for a few years, according to Ezekiel 38. **
This is stated clearly in verses 8, 11 and 14: "a Land that has recovered from war..." ~ "a peaceful and unsuspecting People, all of them living without walls..." ~ "When My People are living in safety..." It seems impossible, especially in 2012 & 2013 even, when the threats and influence of IRAN against Israel is considered! Yet that sense of security (and a false peace) WILL happen.
~ God's written Word must be seen to be totally true! ~

A1. SO ISRAEL'S NEXT WAR [1st of 2 more significant ones] WILL BE WITH ISLAMIC NEIGHBOURS - largely controlled by IRAN.

1. There have been gradual changes over the last 30 + years with the emergence of more radical forms of Islam, especially. Perhaps one of God's Strategies has been that the various sections (or 'denominations') within Islam disagree with each other, inspite of the fact 57 Nations formed the OIC ~ that is the 'Organisation of Islamic Conferences'. Yet Sunni and Shi'ite are 'enemies'.

2. Tragically, the ONE thing that unites Islam is their hatred of Jewish Israel. We invite you to read our paper about 'Islam, Israel and Modern Warfare'.
Both Islam and Israel have different approaches to War, with different results!

3. Therefore God has a plan to use 'War' to bring 'security' to Israel for a time! There is no way Israel could ever have a sense of 'security', [let alone 'peace'] while Iran continues to hold the power over other Muslim Militant groups, such as Hamas in Gaza, and other radical Groups there; Hizballah in Lebanon -(it even restricts what the elected Government can do), and Al Qaeda, also other groups with anti-western agenda's, and lethal escapades in various Muslim Nations [Afghanistan shows what powerful Islamic Forces in one nation, like the Taliban can do!]

>> So Israel has to have security and 'peace' from ALL its neighbours.



1. This potential for a M.E. war has been 'brewing' for years, with all kinds of efforts to deflect a war, especially with the threatened development of NUCLEAR weapons, principally by Iran. So a litany of conferences, sanctions, threats and efforts have been taking place for some 30 years, but especially since 2,000.

2. A war against Iran and or its proxies has been feared by many Leaders.
Yet we, with our prayerful Study of the Bible have felt this will be organised by God Himself. This war with Iran [especially the Leaders] will fulfill a Prophecy of Jeremiah, writing some 500 years BCE, in 49: 37 - in one verse!
 [Remember it is the Most High God of Israel speaking.]
"I will shatter Iran before their foes... I will bring disaster on them... I will pursue them with the sword... and destroy her 'king' and officials', declares ADONAI." [Some Bible translations use the ancient name of 'Elam' ~ now 'Iran'. "Swords" equate to modern weapons that Jeremiah knew nothing about!]
But it will all happen - maybe even in 2013 -14?]

>> FIRST, there could be other wars to deal with 'Iran's proxies' the various anti-Israel armies, (like Hamas in the South) which had a 'second part war' in 2012. Also Hizballah in Lebanon, plus Iran's agents in Iraq or Syria, etc.

1. YET! There is also a clear prophetic word in the Bible for these wars, (as above - but really all part of 'one war'), given by Isaiah in chapter 41: 8 - 16.
this message is specifically to modern Israel, so, this is to ~ ethnically ~ Jewish ~ Israel, and those who are Israelis, by conviction.

(Maybe insert picture here with Israeli flags, etc?)

"But you, O Isra'EL, My servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, You descendants of Abraham My friend, I took you from the ends of the Earth, from the farthest corners I called you." [From 1840's on, Jews returned.]
"I said; 'you are My servant, I have chosen you and not rejected you.'
So do not fear, for I AM with you; do not be dismayed, for I AM your God.
I will strengthen you; I will uphold you with My righteous Right Hand."
[Yeshua is 'God's Right Hand' - especially mentioned in the Psalms.]
"ALL who rage against you..." [Not the entire nations, but the extreme Terrorists from within them], "will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. [Intelligence forces will still be active.]
Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all.
" For I AM ~ YHWH ~ADONAI ~the LORD your God, Who takes hold of your Right Hand and says to you, 'Do not fear I WILL help you. Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I MYSELF will help you' declares the LORD, your REDEEMER, the Holy One of Isra'EL."
[Redeemer, Kinsman]
"So I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth." [ISRAEL now well prepared for war, since1948 to now!]
"You will thresh the mountains, [leaders] and crush them, and reduce the hills, [supporters] to chaff. You will winnow them, [give them a good shaking up] and the wind will pick them up and a gale will blow them away." [The nations as such will exist in a less angry form until Ezekiel 38 it seems]
"But You, [Isra'EL] will rejoice in the LORD and glory in the HOLY ONE of Isra'EL."

Even though in Nov '12, by Egypt accepting security help from USA for it's Sinai borders (along the Suez Canal, and the Sinai-Israel border) an interim 'ceasefire' was agreed to by Israel. Hamas had to agree, but it may not last.


>> SECOND, it is very possible that this will then develop into the WAR AGAINST IRAN, as described above, described by Jeremiah.

[Please see the Scripture above from Jeremiah 49:35 -39 and our article on Iran ~ Israel ~ here. We do not want this article to be too long, or repeat what has been written elsewhere.] When Israel wins ~ this will put fear into other nations and lead to the time of 'security' described in Ezekiel 38!


First result: [
To see the Scripture scroll up to  >> 'First NOTE' ** or see Eze 38.]

> The resulting promised 'security' and apparent 'peace', will enable Israel to become even more prosperous, developing the resources of gas especially, also partly through trade (by Internet) Investments and through (mainly Christian) Tourism. [Ezekiel 38 talks about Israel's prosperity, which Islam wants to 'plunder'.] Incidentally this false 'peace' may well help other M.E. nations like Jordan, or Egypt, for a time. [Think about Isaiah 19: 17.]

Second result:

> The price will be isolation,
which we believe has been one of God's desires for some time. Like a Father, His greatest longing is for His people to want Him alone, not putting their trust in other nations, (even USA), let alone the UNO, or even in their own fine IDF. "A nation alone" it is called in the Tanakh.  See, for an example: Numbers 23: 9, - God, speaking through Balaam. In Deut. 33: 28, Moshe's last prophecy he said: "Israel will live in safety alone".
THIS has never been true in the whole of Israel's 3,000+ years, (realising 'Israel' did not exist for nearly 2,000 years), but it will surely be true, some year soon!



>This one crucial war is the ~ only future war described in detail ~ in Scripture! Ezekiel 38 & 39! [Completely different from 'Armageddon'.]
It will be ADONAI against ‘Gog and Magog’. The difference with this next special war is, that Israel will not be able, nor need to fight in the conventional war mould we have known. Israel's 'suffering' will be because of the threat and fear of the Magog Army on their northern Border. This fear and the quick relief that will come is described in Jer. 30: 4 - 11. [See 'the Time of Jacob's Trouble' here]

~ This is how God will want it to be, for a special reason! ~

This is because this 'Magog war' will be waged by the acts of The Sovereign LORD alone!
This is the Ezekiel War (of 38 & 39) specific to the Middle East, which ends with great blessings for Israel, and great honour to God, but will have very serious worldwide implications, bringing global disaster as a result of great earthquakes. Best you read the details in any Bible for yourself, Ezekiel ch. 38 & 39. [Compare Rev. 6: 12 - 17, the breaking of the 6th Seal.] The details given are amazing both for Israel, and for their Islamic, Russian-led Army!
Very Important to know about!

>However in honesty, we remind ourselves of God’s unchanging longings for Israel. Jeremiah 50: 4/5
" 'In those days and at that time' declares ADONAI, the People of Israel and the People of Judah will go in tears to seek ADONAI their God. They will ask the way to
[the true spiritual - not political] ZION, and turn their faces toward it.
They will come and bind themselves to YHWH in an everlasting Covenant that will not be forgotten'."

Note: ~ ZION was really meant to represent ADONAI and His Presence in Jerusalem! ~
These verses are absolutely crucial
in understand that ADONAI only wants GOOD for every person, and especially every individual in Israel!

~ Yet in His all-knowing wisdom ~ He allows wars for Israel! ~
> Remember though that ADONAI grieves over every death in Israel, whether by abortions or vehicle accidents or diseases or in wars!

So these thoughts prepare us to think about -


>> To remove evil powers, but always after a very long time of patience with them. An example is found in Genesis 15:16 where God revealed to Abraham a future 400 year ‘interval’ for his Israelite descendants in Egypt. "In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”  God also indicated He would punish the nation, (Egypt) they served as slaves…”  
Whoever hurts God’s Jewish People, hurts God Himself!

>> To discipline His people
, but always ensuring that a remnant would be saved to benefit from the sad lessons of war.  Most of the Bible enhances this theme, but we praise God for verses like Nehemiah 9: 27, You handed them over to their enemies… but in Your great compassion you gave them Deliverers…” See Lamentations 3: 22: "Because of ADONAI'S great LOVE we are not consumed, for HIS compassions NEVER FAIL, they are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness!"

>> To show His own glorious saving power and love!
  This is especially emphasised in the 47 times in the book of Ezekiel where the repeated phrase isthen they will know that I AM the Sovereign LORD!”  God gave this as a reason for His destruction of the Egyptian army – remember Exodus 14?


> The glorious, victorious, joyful result is repeated many times by the ancient prophets of Israel!
Take just a few verses from one Prophet ~ Jeremiah 30: 18 - 22! "This is what ADONAI says: 'I will restore the fortunes of Jacob's tents,'  [the true descendents of Jacob, the original prince called ' Isra'el' by God ~ all true, ethnic Jews;] 'and have compassion on his dwellings; The City will be rebuilt on her ruins, and the Palace will stand on its proper place. From them will come songs of thanksgiving, and the sound of rejoicing! I will add to their numbers, and they will not be decreased. I will bring them HONOUR, and they will not be disdained...
I will punish all who oppress them.
Their Leader will be one of their own; their Ruler will arise ~ among them.
I will bring him near and he will come close to ME... declares ADONAI'."



a) ADONAI will be shown to be Sovereign in every serious event, and in answer to prayer He will be glorified as He promised. Your prayers and mine!

b) ADONAI hates the evil power which caused suffering under Communism but is also especially seen in Muslim nations, which according to many records show so much cruelty, from regimentation to torture and repression over the years.  Sometimes God uses one evil power to punish another, e.g. allowing a million deaths over the 8 years of the Iraq/Iran war alone.  This does not include the pain of the number of refugees from these nations, all over the world, partly fulfilling the prophecy of Jer. 49:34-39 only in our day!
, for many years also a hotbed of great evil and cruelty and drugs.
Countries in Africa, Asia and Sth America have also suffered unbelievable cruelty. ~ God notices, and will deal with those He chooses to punish, in HIS time.

c) Finally (soon) God’s actions, which will weaken the power of Islam
, [in preparation for the ‘One World Government and Religion’ of the false prophet of Rev.13, a definite, terrifying seven years, called the 'Time of Tribulation'.]
The claim that Allah is ‘the great god’ is a blasphemy which ADONAI, the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL Himself will deal with - especially through the ‘Magog War’.
This could possibly be before the next decade.

d) Also ~ our belief from the Tanakh is that even that war will also hasten great blessings being available to Muslims.
  This could be one of the strategic results of the above point, and so in Isaiah 19: 23-25, ADONAI says, “In that day the three will be a blessing on the Earth ~ Egypt My people ~ Assyria My handiwork, and Israel ~ My inheritance”.  This will happen but it means the worldwide influence of Islam must be broken before millions of people can be freed from the power of Islam. [We believe Joel 2: 28 - 32 fits in here.]

e) It seems clear that in any future wars ADONAI'S PROPHETIC WORDS in the TANAKH will show clearly that El Shaddai ADONAI is the Supreme God ~ which will vindicate those of us who believe in Him!  This very clear in all of Ezekiel 36 - 39! Also many other prophecies, especially in Isaiah 60!

f) Even the M.E rebel events 'for changes in Government' and the anti-capalist protest marches, and the recent Humanistic teaching of Gaia and 'Danger to the Planet theories' are all preparing for the One World Government and religion, attended as they are by every religious group from ‘moderate’ Muslims to liberal Christians to Hindus, to Asian peoples.  Even those who would probably call themselves atheists, and ‘Greenies’ - they will be part of the one world religious ‘party’, claiming to bring 'peace'. [See green-agenda.com.]

f) Any time of peace which the world, (or any part of it) claims to be enjoying, can only be a ‘false peace’, for without ADONAI there can never be real Peace for a whole Nation. Daniel wrote in ch. 9: 26, "War will continue till the end, and desolations have been decreed." Note: Armageddon is the Anti-christ's WORLD ARMY against the 'Saints', all God's People still on Earth not only Jews.

~ Looking for peace without the True God of the TANAKH and Creation is useless! ~


We can include prayers for all those involved in wars, who honour the Supreme LORD GOD of Hosts.
 Psalm 144…Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.
He is my loving God and my Fortress, my Stronghold, and my Deliverer, my Shield in whom I take refuge… Part Your Heavens, O LORD, and come down; touch the mountains [of Evil] so that they smoke.
Send forth lightening and scatter the enemies,
shoot Your arrows and rout them.
Reach down Your hand from on High;
deliver me, and rescue me.”
AMEN." ~ So be it!

If you are at anytime involved with these wars, please remember there will be thousands of Evangelical Christians praying for ALL involved!


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