Hatikvah For Secular Jews


A Discussion for honest, genuine Secular Jews,
about new Global Systems.

Searching for encouragement in life.
People in general and writers & teachers in particular are usually very keen to either look for, or promote ideas, programmes, theories, and or life styles~ anything that help us to be successful, attractive, well off (physically or otherwise) and self assured, with some enjoyment thrown in. In our time we have so many places to hear, see, experience all these ‘successful life enhancing’ things! From diets to health and beauty tips on activities or products, to masses of information available by modern technology, (T.V. Internet, books, films, even phone contacts, etc) to our advice or examples of friends and family, we can have access to a mind boggling amount of over-all ‘encouragement’ to be and enjoy the very best!

This is very good and right, as long as we are scrupulously honest with our
motives in our search ~and with the conclusions.

Secular Judaism.
Seeing we live in a time (in democratic countries at least) when it is possible to be very independent in our lives, and individual in our beliefs, and free in our choices, the trend for many Jews is ~ to a life that can be called ‘secular’. [This should actually be regarded as a privilege, recognising almost half, (if not more) of the people of the world are denied these freedoms.]

Almost all of the above freedoms to explore various life styles and beliefs are practically driving us to be ‘Secular’ people ~”with all the answers”! Being secular or non-religious seems good. But – frankly does ‘Secular Judaism’ have all the answers – to life? It’s estimated that 74% of Jewish people are ‘secular’ to some degree. There are about 50,000 Jews under the ‘umbrella’ of The Congress of Secular Jewish Organisations. To us, at this site, that is very understandable – even reasonable, in many ways.

Just to recap – the basic beliefs of Secular - Humanistic Judaism…
[These are given on a Wikipedia site.]
>>  A Jew is someone who identifies with the history, culture and future of the Jewish People.
>>  Judaism is the historical culture of the Jewish People, and religion is only one part of it.
>>  People possess the power and responsibility to shape their own lives independent of supernatural authority.
>>  Ethics and morality should serve human needs - and choices should be based upon – consideration of the consequences of actions, rather than pre-ordained rules and commandments.
>>  Jewish history, like all history is a purely human phenomenon.
Another related statement said:Biblical and other traditional texts are the product of human activity, and are best understood though archaeology and other scientific analysis.’

Searching for answers.
It is very easy to browse the web to read about topics that interest us. Even a search on ‘Secular’ turns up information of how this is not just a concept, but it has been made into a lifestyle, with like minded people joining together to explore making this an elite part of society. You will quickly find ‘Secular’ is strongly linked to the theory of ‘Humanism’. One definition reads something like this:

Secular concepts are a form of Humanism.  
A humanistic philosophy is one that upholds reason, ethics and justice.
It rejects the supernatural or any form of spiritual phenomena.”

So this leads us to looking at what ‘Humanism’ is. According to my search of the web, (mainly Wikipedia), Humanism is classed as an “ethical philosophy”, with an appeal to universal human qualities, especially rationality, presumably ‘right thinking’? In other words, it is presumed that most people think it is rational to be morally honest, good, kind, thrifty, hardworking, generous etc. We found another definition.

Humanism entails a commitment to the search for truth and morality,
through human means, in support of human interests.”

So much of this sounds reasonable – even sensible.
It is our desire to also encourage many of the above concepts, but not blindly, so may we offer some extra thinking, since one important ingredient is “to be reasonable’? In other words - and without being so academically convoluted in our concepts – but just as ordinary, even average, thinking people, with a wide ‘world view’ – we would like to offer some ideas as to what the above definition of ‘Humanism’ really means.

There are 3 elements in the definition.
1. The goal is: in support of human interests.
2. Commitment to a serious search for truth and morality.
3. Through human means.

Looking at these from a Jewish perspective.
We would like to do this from a Jewish perspective in particular. This means we (at this site) firmly believe in the existence of true, ethnic Jewish people not necessarily ‘Jewish’ by religion, but by family connections, and perhaps other background factors which means a Jewish person has made a chosen decision (for whatever reasons) to consider themselves Jewish. As intelligent, modern, adult people we consider this is their right.

1. Looking at the goal: ‘In support of Human interests’, such as general well-being.
This could lead into huge areas of philosophy, anthropology and many other (even political) realms – too big to tackle here in our desire to be simple and straightforward. It would seem that the term ‘Human interests’ would include every aspect of the total well being of all human beings. Would you agree?

Probably the recent formalised statements on “Universal human rights” of the UNO and most democratic governments, is a fairly acceptable basic understanding of ‘good human interests’. It is interesting that the widest most inclusive meaning of the usual Jewish greeting, “Shalom” means, “total well- being to you”.

Also that, the general understanding of ‘shalom’ is that it means ‘peace’
– which of course it does.
Peace can really only exist where there is general
‘well-being’ to individuals or a society.

Two visible problems already.

  • The reality is that in many situations it would be hard for most of us to “support the human interests” (or have peaceful relationships) with those who deny our right to have a homeland of our own, [e.g. Kurds, Tamil peoples, and others, including Jews.] Many wars in the past, and certainly in the 21st C are about which ethnic or religious group should have territorial rights to a piece of Land. Many secular Jews would want Jewish people to have their own Land – ‘Eretz Israel’ – so they would hope others would want to support their ‘human interests’, but the truth is many non-Jews hate this idea!Iraq is a good example, of the difficulty of allocating rights (to Sunni, Shi’ite Muslim Arabs, and Muslim Kurds) and pleasing “the human interests’ of different people groups in just one geographical area. Therefore supporting other people’s “humans interests” e.g. of Arabs, etc., may be hard.

  • Also supporting the “human interests” of the many ethnic and religious groups of just the M.E, (after hundreds of years of denying other people’s human interests) in actual fact, is very difficult, if not virtually impossible, especially in the light of Islam’s statements and beliefs. Secular Jewish people need to question these concepts in their ideology. Does it include supporting the ‘human interests’ of Muslim people who do not want Jews to exist?

So a “commitment to obtaining and supporting the human interests of other people” ~ is a dilemma which, with all the best intentions of many secular, good-hearted people is very unlikely to bring harmony in the wider sphere of the modern world, though it sounds good!

2. The way to the Goal is by a “Commitment to a serious search for truth and morality”…
Certainly within the immediate family, or even the circle of one’s friends – maybe even in the wider area of a local neighbourhood, a sincere Humanistic Jew could determine to make a “commitment to a serious search for truth and morality” for society… But for the whole world? Presumably this ‘truth and morality’ ~ would be the generally recognised values of honesty in relationships of all kinds, kindness and even generosity with respect for people, relationships, property and dignity. Being truly upright and noble?

However, again, with all the sincerity and determination a Secular Jew – or any person, might have, a realistic world view shows that while this is a marvellous goal – there are millions of individuals who have and continue to reject such a goal for either themselves or other humans.

Attitudes are hard to change ~ as these come from a person’s heartfelt convictions acquired from birth. [We cannot itemise the huge areas of rape, murder, kidnapping, pornography, gambling, stealing, drug abuse, terrorism and waring acts all over the world… But they are there!]

3. Achieving the difficult Goal is “Through Human means…”
a) There are a certain number of human ‘ways and means’ for the control and promotion of “truth and morality” in any group within society. Education is widely promoted as the key to changing bad cultural practices and bringing in acceptable human rights within a society. Certainly, well and truthfully presented information from babyhood through all of life is an essential component of a good society. However some human societies, with ingrained attitudes very frequently produce anything but a moral society; even cruelty – in individuals and/or groups, or even nations.

b) So the other “human means” societies require are written laws of accepted behaviour and law-enforcement agents to capture and punish those who break good laws. All races have ‘Laws’.

The wide existence of ‘gangs’; tribally based groups with a militant resentment; racial groups with murderous anger at perceived inequalities; and even numbers of religious extremist groups, prove that ‘human means” is very inadequate to bring a just, successful, happy, caring and peaceful society!

Sadly - matching noble ideas and words as presented by ‘Humanism’,
may in fact be very inadequate to bring peace and
well-being to most of the people in the world of ‘today’.


We recommend you check out ‘Green Politics’
here, or do your own searches.

SO! See the traffic signs!

The concepts of ‘green politics’, at first seem very good.
Because this is based on New Age Humanistic concepts it could appear to Secular Jews as the hoped for answer to the desire to bring excellent conditions for the best “human interests” to the world’s societies. It is all wrapped up in thousands of words by very respected world leaders, with a seemingly scientific, urgent concern for the future of the Planet Earth!

Here is a description of their words:
Green Politics is a political ideology which places high importance on ecological and environmental goals, and on achieving these goals through broad based, grass roots, participatory democracy.” This means they expect to gain wide acceptance by millions of individual people, which is what is already happening, especially as they target young people. [One example was the 7 concerts in 7 locations in the 7th month of 2007 called “Live Earth” getting thousands of young people to sign a 7-point covenant to ‘Save Our Selves’. Called ‘SOS’]

Another sentence out-lining the very goals of secular humanism says:
In addition to democracy and environmental issues, green politics is concerned with civil liberties, social justice and non-violence.”

Sadly - there are serious, even dangerous plans, being made towards ‘Global Governance’ most Jewish people would hate! These are very advanced by a strong group of powerful people.

It is very clear that the way that the world leaders are planning to use to bring world peace and harmony is by linking the so-called Global climate change threats to population control!  [See

This will sound very shocking to any Jewish person, whether they are ‘secular’ or not. Also you may think we are simply being ‘alarmists’ which is why we have given the links to the websites that spell this out clearly. The best one we think is

There are several aspects to consider. There are a number of aspects of the plans that the Global Governance leaders have developed, but the truth is that there are some serious issues, that truthfully would not be acceptable to thinking, sincere Jewish, (or other reasonable people). Again, see:
here. It is really important for you to do your own research on the people involved, their goals and their means of reaching their goals.

The basic idea being used to build the platform for world control is: “Danger to the Planet”!
Concern for the environment has provided a useful strategy to bring the concept of world unity and control, into focus! It appears to be sensible and caring, but it has a sinister and sad hidden agenda’ We strongly recommend you see more at our partner web site: www.green-agenda.com for a full description of these programmes. We give some background information below.

The beginnings of ‘concern’ for the future of the world.
It started with 2 books, the 2nd published by The Club of Rome in 1971 called “Limits to Growth”. This is a sinister plan to limit the world’s population, which spells out population growth as the basis of future world disaster. Along with other causes of the world’s problems such as misuse of chemicals, and later environmental mismanagement, Christians, and Muslims were seen as responsible for most of the world’s problems, along with ‘over-population’. Gradually many more concepts were developed and were initiated, which we haven’t room to explain. But a group of people like Mikhail Gorbochev, through to Robert Muller, David Rockefeller, Sir James Lovelock and Al Gore have been active in developing all their sinister strategies, ‘to save the Planet’. [Ultimately by Global Governance’.] These strategies are already affecting rules and regulations of national and local governments worldwide. It is called ‘Agenda 21.’ [You can read about it here:

Main personalities involved in the planning.
One very key person was a Maurice Strong who worked for the UNO environment department. He was a mainly responsible for a much more significant world plan and endorsement of all the sinister plans for world control of every part of life in every part of the world that we ever knew were actually happening, though we know from the Bible about the End controlling Power that will come! Many organisations now work together to promote the various plans for control of resources, and much more inspired by Al Gore and many others you can read about in the green-agenda.com, site. Eventually the control will be based on and tied into a compulsory Global financial system.

THE DANGEROUS PART FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING – TOTAL RELIGIOUS CONTROL. When this system takes world control there will be no room for ‘Secular Jews’.

A ‘new’ religious dimension has been added.
While the “Earth Charter” was being presented at the 1st World Earth Summit in Sth America, Maurice Strong’s wife Hanna was leading a Satanic based ritual outside with a group of people to invoke success for the plans. Later an “Ark of Hope” was launched, with involvement of children and housing a special document called “Earth Charter” - a set of commandments, which as Gobachev said – will replace the Judeo/ Christian ‘10 commandments and the Sermon on the Mount’. It is these religious plans to emphasise that the main ‘god’ is Gaia, or ‘Mother Earth’, rather than a God such as ‘The God of Israel’ or ‘the great Creator’ such as Christians believe in. Many gods are included in this new form of paganism. The saddest part is that eventually the worship of this deity will be forced on all people by use of an economic world system and made mandatory on pain of death for every individual person. Even the economic crisis of 2008/ 5768 initiated calls for a Global Market system to be created, to forestall future recessions or depressions.

The immediate steps being implemented are mainly on the local and general government level.
These plans and rules have been widely circulated, and adopted by individual regional powers in most countries. Example: 37 areas of N.Z. (pop. 4 million) have signed up, under the guise of ‘Saving the Planet’ from “human infestation”. So already all aspects of commercial, civic, educational and residential life are being controlled according to these rules. All aspects, believe us! Finally ‘sovereignty’ by individual nations will be abolished in favour of ‘Global Governance.’

The final implementation of the Programme – is set out in Agenda 21.
This agenda was all set to be enforced in a greater way by the UNO a few years ago but 2 things have held it back. One was that because it eliminates ANY idea of a single God, they saw Christians, Muslims and Jews – of which there are billions, plus Libertarians rejecting their plans. Also Maurice Strong was indicted for taking part in the illegal dealings over the ‘Food for oil’ agreement with Saddam Hussein, so he was removed the UNO. However he has been a main architect and influential proponent of the whole agenda, which is very advanced in every area as you can see from the constant references to ‘environmental conservation’ and every government, business, and outdoor pursuits feel they must be seen to support these so-called ‘sustainability and resource management’ theories! Farmers and power producing companies, could become very restricted in their operations.

So now these Planners have openly agreed that it will take a world crisis to cause the world to submit.
[This is even out-lined in a policy called ‘The Turning Point’ they discovered the concept of ‘Global Warming – even though it is not proven to be true by most scientists, as they describe it.]

(yet not adversely affect Eretz Israel!)

There will be a crisis – but a different one - according to the Tanakh!
We expect you will have heard references to the “Gog and Magog War” of Ezekiel 38/39, - which would be well worth your time to read for yourself in any copy of the Tanakh and (in another paper) you may want to see our studies to explain this crucial world-changing event. We strongly believe for Jews it will have the most wonderful outcome including Jews around the world, but we also now see that God could also use that to be the very crisis these evil ‘powers’ are looking for! He is the Sovereign ADONAI!

The prophet Ezekiel sums the crisis up this way, as he describes the huge invasion intending to finally ‘eliminate Israel from the map’. “’My hot anger will be aroused’ declares the Sovereign LORD, ‘In My zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake… ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH will tremble at My Presence. The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble, and every wall, [even Wall St?] will fall to the ground… And so I will show My greatness and My holiness, and I will make My-self known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I AM the LORD’.” [Ezekiel 38: 19 –23.] Although this attack, which is directed against Israel it will NOT actually hurt Israel – but the ‘Magog Army’ will be destroyed completely. Since Islam is to be the power behind this, with help from Russia and others, the plan to promote Islam as the greatest world power and only religion, the true God of the Universe and God of Israel will refute those claims!

It will mean Israel will regain ALL the Land ADONAI promised to His Jewish People, and they will not need to fear the Arab Muslim nations, ever again. Damascus will be totally destroyed. (Isaiah 17:1) In fact many M.E. nations will make peace with Israel. (See Isaiah 19, 23 –25. in the Tanakh.)

Inspite of this, the Planners of the Global Governance programme will use the global crisis to promote their own World Ruler, and Earth Council to implement all the plans they are now making. Acceptance will be voluntary for every individual, but with capital punishment for any who refuse.

The inter-dependence of the stock markets of the world and their rises or falls show how a major catastrophe could easily spell world disaster, quickly followed by looting, shooting, and all kinds of chaos which individual governments would be unable to control for lack of money to pay soldiers, police or any people dependant on them. Every nation (except Israel) will gladly hand sovereignty over to a uniting, central, controlling Power, and in fact they all signed this as their intention in case of a worldwide crisis, in 1995, the 50th anniversary of the UNO. [We first published this in a book in 1998]

Recent developments in the M.E. indicate
we are leading up to this crisis time.


The great question for Jewish people, then – if not before is:
‘Will I accept any god instead of the God of Israel?’

This is the reason we have headed this article ‘TRAFFIC SIGN: DANGER AHEAD! ROAD SUBSIDES’ because, while it is very understandable that such a big proportion of Jewish people are ‘secular- non-religious’, and have become ‘Humanistic’ ~ we wonder would they be willing to accept the humanistic god ‘Gaia’ – ‘Mother Earth’ - if they were being forced to make a choice?
At least we have tried to emphasise:

That is the very choice people will be given when the Leader of the new
‘Global Governance Council replaces the UNO leadership.

We hope that this article will alert you, the reader to the very real difficulties and manipulations ahead. For this reason, we invite you to look at our other discussion papers, which we trust will offer ~
“Hatikva ~ real HOPE ~ For Secular Jews!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[For Readers open to considering some words taken from the Tanakh,
we give the Biblical views on the dogmas of the
Humanistic Global Governance Planners, for you.]

The Biblically based concerns of Bible-reading Believers.
All the theories about the coming Earth disaster and plans to combat these perceived threats, plus the religious dimensions which cancel Biblically based Beliefs of true Jews, require us to refute them, clearly. We do so by affirming what the Holy Scriptures of the Tanakh/ Old Testament tells us about the past and the future, and the guidelines for our conclusions. The main premise of those planning for ‘Global Governance’ is that all living creatures are equal, (i.e. animals, birds, fish, plants and humans) as part of ‘Mother Earth, or goddess ‘Gaia’, and that religious concept is what will bring harmony. This is not acceptable to true Judaism based on the Tanakh.

Therefore we affirm the
The TANAKH ~ about the Earth.

It’s Creator. In the beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth” Genesis 1.1. God Himself outlined the scientific questions regarding many of the Earth’s intricate secrets in Job’s book, chapters 38 –41. Unproved evolutionary theories have prepared the way for these anti-Creator beliefs.

It’s Residents. Genesis 1: 26 explains, “Then God said, ‘let us make man[kind] in our own image… and let them rule over…fish…birds…livestock and over all creatures’.” Human beings are above and separate from all other forms of life, especially in the spiritual dimension, with the 3 most amazing capacities to reason, [intellect], to love [emotions] and to exercise a free will, [volition]. The modern gurus of Gaia refute the truth of mankind being made in God’s image, or likeness, with a mandate to rule this world with reason and kindness. To them, all life forms are equal, but we disagree.

It’s Sustainer. Psalm 36: 6 –9, says, “O LORD, You preserve both man and beast…” Proud men cannot control the elements of nature, or change the destiny of this world, if God has ruled otherwise. It will be disobedience to God that will bring disaster on the world, and millions in it – simply by their own godless choices.

It’s Future. The prophet Yesha’yahu/ Isaiah wrote a terrible description of the end of the world in ch.13, which includes the words, “I will punish the world for its evil…” Another prophet, Zephaniah, (1:18) in the Tanakh also wrote, “the whole world will be consumed”. The sad reality is that mankind is choosing more and more deliberately and specifically to go against God’s Word, so they can only expect the fruit of their own choices.

However we believe God has a separate,
good plan to preserve all Jews, but we explain it elsewhere


The true, main cause of the Earth’s troubles. The nations conspire and the people’s plot in vain. The kings of the Earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against His Anointed One… Tehellim/  Psalm 2, plus many other Scriptures affirm that pride, greed, immorality, cruelty and all the evils in those opposed to God – these are responsible for the increasing sorrows in this world!

Almost all Divine punishments on a nation are for cruelty to the poor and weak in society. Do not exploit the poor…and do not crush the needy… For the LORD will take up their case.” Proverbs 22:22.The unbelievable final goal of the Planners for Global Governance is to reduce the world’s population, by any means possible. Sadly God will be forced to do so in response to their evil, sinister and irresponsible acts by His acts of bringing disaster on nature, far beyond the control of any leader, scientist or concerned ‘greenie’.

It is the prayer of the writer and sponsors of this site that these
facts will help the readers make the decisions now that will
prepare you for the challenges of the near future
for Jewish People, and for many citizens of this world.

We hope this article will help you see that a careful reading of the Tanakh can be a real blessing! For a paper on what we believe the Foundations of a true Biblical Jewish Faith see
here. Again, may we ask you to get a friend to look at the Tanakh and that special web site and discuss it with you?

The explanations in our article (above) are only a brief summary of the situation.
Now you may like to see our next article

If you would like to
email us with your questions,
we would be glad to hear from you and respond in the best way we can.