Hatikvah For Secular Jews

Analysing present realities for today’s Jews and for Israel as
PRESENT fulfillments of God’s PAST Prophecies, which
in turn guarantee a great FUTURE for them.

This article is dedicated to the millions of true, Jewish born people,
(whether living in Eretz Israel or not), but are not ‘religious’ at all.

As a Jew you do have the respect of thousands of
Bible-Believers, Jewish and non-Jewish,
including the sponsors
of this article who only want ‘the very best’ for you!

This is article will focus on the PRESENT
actual prophetic circumstances of the Jews.

Since the re-establishment of Israel in their own Land in 1948, the interest in Jewish People, by many Jewish and non-Jewish people with a ‘world view’ has greatly increased. Many people have lived to see ~ or know of really significant events ~ especially for Jews in the Middle East over the last 100+ years.
>> The ‘rebirth’ of Israel as a Nation State was seen as one of the most significant.

A new, worldwide fascination with all things ‘Jewish’.
There are several reasons why literally millions of people have a great interest in Jews and Israel. Jews themselves have a new focus for their interest or more, even making ‘aliya’. [For meanings of Hebrew words see

When Israel does well, with discoveries in archaeology, science and military victories, they are very pleased. But when Israel faces the criticism in the media and threats and terrorist actions of radical jihadists against her, many Jews do have religious, social or political reasons for caring about their ‘national homeland’, although they may not have close contacts, or really want to live there, (yet). Of course several million Jews have made aliya in the last 60 years, even if later they moved away again. Jewish Population 2008, (out of almost 7.5 million), is 5.5 million, 69% ‘Sabras’, who were born in Israel.

The Internet especially is overflowing with sites on a myriad of subjects to do with Israel or Jewish beliefs, or social activities. It is thought there are about 15 million Jews, worldwide. Most Jews are influenced by their family or community to participate in Jewish life, but this can bring tensions, too. This is partly why 70% choose to be ‘Secular Jews’. Which is not a bad choice, in many ways. It is important to understand that being ‘Jewish’ does not depend on being ‘religious’.

People who are against Israel and Jews.
Sadly, this is a bad area of knowledge and concern, in every way, which we will not enlarge on here. The modern political stance of almost every nation is aware of, or influenced by this anti- Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist view, including the UNO. Many Islamists hate Jews. So the reality is that most of the world is either for or against Israel, with very few who are not interested, even when they are in ‘distant islands’.

Two exceptions, as far as Nations are concerned are Micronesia and the USA that support Israel.

Another group from many nations, of many millions of people have a special, caring, interest, even love for Israel and Jewish People! They show this in their generous financial giving and in many other ways. We don’t know how much you might know about this. Most of these pro-Israel friends would be called ‘Evangelical Christians’. They are quite different in many ways from the ‘Orthodox’ Churches.  [For more info see

These people are NOT limited to national boundaries, and are sprinkled widely over the entire world. Their Biblically based Faith is what binds them together as ‘Evangelical Christians,’ and this is also the reason for their interest in Jewish people, culture, past history and Israel’s future.

Of course there are differences among them, but most have a sincere concern for the Jewish people. They believe (as we do) that Jewish people have been honoured to have had and will have a very important role in the future of this world ~ for great good, (even if there are big divisions among Jews at present)! So, they would like you to appreciate being really Jewish by your birth, and family history!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For a few years, this writer was privileged to give free hospitality to Jewish, Israeli young people, who were ‘back-packing’ through our country. It was quite a lot of fun, as we exchanged news and views, and learnt from each other. Of course we had some interesting discussions about Israel, and maybe a little about Judaism, and touched on why we had an interest in Israel. Having been able to visit Israel and even live there for a time, we had some idea of the background life in modern Israel. This was added to by our extensive reading, and viewing of films, and by hearing a number of speakers, (representing different causes in Israel), so we felt we had a basic understanding of what it means to be a Jewish Israeli.

It would be dishonest of me, not to say that our interest was underlined specifically by our love for the Tanakh. It gave us our interest in places in Israel, and enthused us as we matched our hopes for a bright future for the Jewish people of Israel, to our own future, as we understood it from the Tanakh. There are many promises and explanations of the role of Jewish people, there! This is because we believe totally in the God of Israel Who never, ever lies, but always keep His Word! *

 Because, you see, if the True, Holy, ADONAI, “God of Israel” [called this many times in the Tanakh] could not keep all His promises as in the Tanakh* to Jewish people, then He could not keep His promises to millions of “those who Fear the Name of the LORD” (such as evangelical Christians) who depend totally for their Faith on the Bible.

He would not be the true GOD at all. [For * Scriptural sources see here.] But this is only part of the argument for a bright future for Jewish people.

However ~ two concepts or attitudes did come through very clearly from young Jewish friends.

 Pride in being a Jewish Israeli – (even for some being ‘a Sabra’), was very important to them!
Perhaps this was from their family background – as many parents or grandparents had made ‘aliya’ at some time in their lives, from many different parts of the world. So, of course it was a big thing to become part of a new nation! In a very few cases, their country of origin was of some importance, (but the young people especially) had little real interest in them, and without exception were proud to either have been born in Israel, or being part of it in the present. [Those who are ‘Jewish’ by conversion to Judaism are NOT the subject of this discussion, as our definition of ‘Jewish’ is those who by birth are ethnically Jews.]

2.  Secondly Jewish people seemed to have a deep sense of nationhood.

  • Although in one way, (being part of a modern, democratic nation) they did enjoy the pleasure of being individuals in their choices of careers, work, friendships, etc. they obviously were far more ‘patriotic’ (it might be called) to the facts of Israel being a Jewish nation, for Jewish people, * than many other peoples of the world.

  • In many cases, people are struggling to leave their own countries, whereas the big emphasis in Israel is to encourage Jewish people to go ‘back’ - (to make ‘aliya’) to Eretz Israel.

  • Also the sense of nationhood has been the result of every young person in Israel, being required to train in the IDF, as soon as they turn 18 years old. This is a time of ‘blending together’, because everyone must speak Modern Hebrew, and swear loyalty to Israel.

  • But even more, - is the shared dread of wars, and terrorist attacks that so many have experienced as Jewish Israelis, if not themselves – someone they know. Wars have welded Jews together in a special way. Even Jews in the Diaspora often feel this way.

  • When you read the information about the ‘Society of Humanistic Judaism’, founded by Sherman T. Wine, or the ‘International Federation of Humanistic Jews’ (which includes 3 big organisations), you can see that the most important thing is ‘being Jewish’.

Yet any realisation that being Jewish was a special privilege
was missing, or was rejected!
 (Do yourself a favour – see our paper on
I’m glad I’m Jewish, but…’)

There is a wonderful reason and hope inherent in this concept!

Wanting to be like any other nation or race of people.
Without realising it, wanting to be “just like any other Nation”, is a fulfilment of the very prophecies the Tanakh* makes about the nation of Israel. So, woops! You may not believe in the Tanakh, but you are living proof that it is true. But we could see and understand why for most young Jewish people, being Jewish can be a problem.

While those I talked with, were very proud of being Jewish (by their physical descent from Jewish parents and grandparents) they would not accept – our belief – that being Jewish made them a special race of people. Yet that is the plain, inescapable, historical truth. *

They simply quoted Holy Scripture * (without knowing it), by saying, “but we want to be like all the other (good) nations in the world”. [*For actual Refs, see
here*] They really felt they were the same as any other ethnic group of people.

BUT! Only the Jewish people, as a racial group of people, have the exquisite privilege of being DESTINED TO RULE A PEACE FILLED WORLD! *

This is a great fact that we would long for every truly Jewish person to accept!
Yet we can understand the reasons this is either not accepted, or only reluctantly, or even with anger! Or perhaps a faint hope, very reluctantly for some vague far-off time that will never come? The suffering of the Jewish race ever since the Diaspora, when Jerusalem and the glorious Temple were destroyed by the Romans in 70CE/ AD, is a tragic story lasting 2000 long, awful years!

The horrific expulsions, persecutions, inquisitions, pogroms and finally the Holocaust (‘Shoah’) right up to the 1940’s have been an almost unbelievably tragic, seemingly never-ending scenario of trouble and agonising stories – for Jewish people, all over the world.

And now there are even people who want to deny the ‘Holocaust’ ever happened! What is worse is that Islamists are threatening and believing they have some ‘divine mandate’ to eliminate ‘the Zionists’ –meaning Israel and all Jews. For a special reason they hate Jews.

And it is clear from history - the persecution was only
because the people were or are ‘Jewish’!


These are only meant to be brief summaries of BIG topics, for busy people who don’t have time for long, ‘in-depth’ articles – so forgive us if we seem to be jumping over a whole lot of difficult questions.

1.  Being Jewish in the PRESENT is absolutely based on the historical truth of the TANAKH!
In another article we have written about the ‘Lost Temple Treasures’ ~ the Parchments’, [see
here] meaning the original scrolls that made up the Tanakh, and were kept in the Temple, but sadly were lost with all the other priceless treasures. Fortunately they were preserved in other ways, so it can be proved without doubt that all the copies we now have, are absolutely accurate, to what was originally written. [See www.bible-history.com/bibleonline_fallenempires.php ]
>> So the past, present and future of the Jewish race is all vindicated by being written 3,500+ years ago.

2.  The PAST 200 years of historical events (out of 2000+) has laid ‘foundation blocks’ of fulfilled prophecies! Did you realise this? When these are looked at carefully they are really amazing, and cannot apply to any other group of People in the world – only Jews! In another paper we give you brief prophetic statements from the Tanakh to prove the events of the recent history of the Jews were foretold about 2,500 years ago. [See
here] or this website here.

Such as: *
The actual restoration events foretold for Israel, would not happen for about 2000+ years.

The Jewish people would be preserved as a race for all time.

The Nation would be ‘born’ [declared a new nation] in one day.

The Jewish People would regain the homeland they were driven out of 1900 years ago.

The Jewish nation would become prosperous in every way.

The Hebrew Language would be restored, and used.

Humanistic Judaism says: “Human or Jewish history is only the result of ‘human manipulation’.”
Our reason for writing all these articles (we hope you can see) is to encourage you right NOW by explaining some of the things, you may not have read or heard or thought about anywhere else. Yes, we repeat we respect you as honest, genuine secular Jews.

For that reason we hope you are open to these facts and explanations, (apart from the more standard religious ideas and teachings you may have heard), yet based on TRUTH you can check out for your self. It is not really true, as Humanistic Judaism says, “that Jewish History is a human saga, a testament to the significance of human power and responsibility”. We may discuss this later, but ask yourself, “Then how come the Jews were driven from their historical homeland in 70CE and did not regain it for 1,900 years?”

Especially when it had been foretold over 500 years before? Or you could ask, “Could it be true that some ‘human beings power and responsibility’ is greater that our Jewish power and responsibility, - or greater than Israel’s God?” Who’s power is greatest? The prophecies about Israel, which have happened or are now true, give the answer! See them
here. But First – think about this…

Israels PAST, which can be accurately vindicated, assures all Jews of a bright FUTURE!
This is a huge subject, and for secular Jews brings in the great problem they have with the concept of ‘a God’. Yet this web site hopes to overcome that problem to a degree, by helping you accept who you are. In other articles we plan to describe the future of Jewish people and the nation of Israel, but we can only do this based on the Tanakh. And based on the possibility that a Divine Force was behind this amazing Book! [See

Our summary.
Now, we hope you can see why knowing and accepting the first two absolutely vital facts, is so important to you as a Jewish person!

1.  That the Tanakh holds all the keys to knowing what is special about some people being Jewish.
2.  That it is the One true and only God of Israel in particular, who has written, preserved, and sworn in the Tanakh by His own Holy Person, to bring great blessing to all Jewish people.
We repeat; these facts are vital knowledge for every true Jewish person!
And it is for a special reason!

Being Jewish is special and important, because
Israel has been chosen to ‘BLESS’ the entire world!

It is because the God Who made the Jewish People
wants more than anything ~ONE, to keep all His promises
of Blessings to them, and TWO prove to the whole world,
as well as Israel what a great, Loving GOD He is!

The truth is that it is a very great privilege to be Jewish!

Here is only one statement of HOPE, (of very many), from the Tanakh, for you:
As you have been an object of cursing among the Nations,
O Judah and Isra’el, so I will rescue you,
[Zechariah 8: 13.]

You will know the words of the Jewish national Anthem,
is about HOPE, that is why it is simply called:
(This is the version we like)
“So long as still within our chests
The Jewish heart beats true,
So long as still towards the East ~
To ZION looks the Jew,
So long as our hopes are not lost
~Two thousand years we cherished them~
To live in freedom in the Land ~
The Land of Zion and Jerusalem!”

Therefore we can make a definite promise of great Hatikvah

based on all the beliefs we have in the Tanakh,
also in the God of Isra’el.

We have given the fuller aspects of being Jewish,
using verses from the TANAKH,

You are welcome to contact us, with any questions or comments.